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Test Pressing

Payfone / Golf Channel

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Payfone, International Smark, Paradise, Golf Channel

Synthesized Disco Boogie in keeping with the tube train poppers and lockers of “International Smark”. The lead track, “Paradise”, takes the “Smark” blueprint and adds vocals that, like Felix Dickinson & Jaime Read`s recent “Restless People”, recall Still Going and House Of House. “Mice Life” could be the same track, now slowed to E kicking in / running out sunset / sunrise introspection, but “Subconscient Lamentation” (a Black Devil Disco Club cover) is more of the flesh than machine, with a weighty break beat backing clavinet and trumpet, dusty-fingered library funk, that the drops give the resonance of a huge bell, while Swedish / Finnish vocalist Tigerlight plays the siren, seducing sailors. Blinding them to love`s rocks.

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