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Test Pressing

Ryan Teague / Block Boundaries / Village Green

Test Pressing, Review, Ryan Teague, Dr Rob, Block Boundaries, Village Green, Plaid, Spike Jonze, Her

Sharp microtones, Counterpoint in Pontilism, minor chords and marimba, all in and out of phase like a one man band doing “Music For 18 Musicians”, a piano picking out song from the movement. “Remote Outliers” has Clare Hammill`s voices replace a drama of strings. “Animated Landscape” takes the Penguin Café Orchestra dancing. Running like a companion to Arcade Fire`s exemplary work on Spike Jonze`s “Her”, “Block Boundaries” could also soundtrack a modern loneliness. The holes in the net that people can fall through. An emptiness, lost in a space between the frantic bustle and information. Jonze`s film is a reminder of what love is, when uncoupled from the physicality of a body, from lust, and desire. A reminder of what should make us human beings. Communication. Sharing. Simple, basic, things messed with and complicated in a landscape where it`s faster, easier, safer, to post your thoughts to anonymous millions than it is to turn to the person sitting next to you.

“Diversion 1” is the drone of a broken hearted OS rushing forwards at increasingly impossible speeds to a future, an unknown. Images glimpsed for nanoseconds. All lights. All memory.

Someone said, “It`s too clean, too perfect”. Maybe it`s just me. To live , to love, is to “Let go of the fear”. Now I know how.

The best place to listen is over here.

Oh and there`s a Plaid remix.

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