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Test Pressing

Suzanne Kraft / Tracks For Performance / Noise In My Head

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Tracks For Performance, Suzanne Kraft, Diego Herrera, Noise In My Head, Michael Kuyck

Industrial ambience. David Lynch & Alan Splet`s “Eraserhead” sound track. Machines humming. Ladies in radiators. Dream and reality attacking each other`s borders. Waking that feels like sleep. Sleep that leaves you tired. Monochrome beatnik Jazz, chasing Bop and Herman Huncke`s dragons, then Adonis and Fingers Inc basslines. Art and dance. Hot Hands and Circle Jerks. Rush, Gemini, Djax and Relief. Aphex Twin`s microwave. J.J. Jeczalik`s Fairlight. Badarou and Sakamoto with new toys. Software, RVNG, Stellar Om Source, and Xosar. House deconstructed, reinvented, rebuilt, as laboratory.

Noise In My Head, the label, has its first release in shops on Monday.

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