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Test Pressing

Wonderfeel / Mixtopia

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Wonderfeel, Mixtopia, Australia

I was attempting to clear my emails before the end of the year (apologies to everyone. I have been playing catch up or rather not playing since I visited the UK in early November. Only another 600 to go) and this caught my attention: Four remixes from Australian artist Wonderfeel.The standout is their version of Khatunaya`s “Lift Your Feet”, an “Ethno-Techno” modernization that reminds me of Mim Suleiman`s Maurice Fulton produced “Mingi”. The other three tracks turn rockers Weird Shapes into a Tame Impala or Jagwa Ma, setting them dancing around with The Time & Space Machine to “I Eat Cannibals”, transport Sydney’s Pinchgut Opera to Miranda Sex Garden via The Orb (or rather Kris “Thrash” Weston), and have Yoko Ono shagging, panting in Dub.

If you go over to Bandcamp you have listen and download for free.

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