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Test Pressing

Kraftwerk / Pop Art

Derrick May, François Kevorkian, Paul Morley, Kraftwerk, BBC, iPlayer, documentary

There is a great documentary on the BBC iPlayer about Kraftwerk which aired for the first time last night. There are the ubiquitous talking heads (though they are good ones) and this is intercut with live footage from the Minimum Maximum tour and their recent run of live dates at the Tate. I’ve seen Kraftwerk live a couple of times and there is something intrinsically pure about them – both from a sound and sonic way but also the visuals and then the robots. I mean, the robots get more applause than the band do on first entering the stage. Its like they are the final point of the band. Its amazing we can have a band that, as Paul Morley comments, can work happily next to an artist such as Roy Lichtenstein in an art gallery. They are slowly moving from their hugely innovative roots to one of, if not the, most influential bands ever. Talking heads come from Derrick May, François Kevorkian, Paul Morley and a couple more. You can watch it here. You can also read the classic Face article they mention in the documentary with design by Neville Brody titled the Werk Ethic here.

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