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Test Pressing

284 / Luca Santucci / 33 45S

With Elaine Constantine being nominated for outstanding British debut at the UKs Bafta’s for her “Northern Soul” film (read an interview with her here – she’s brilliant) this weekend it seemed a perfect time to run this mix from Stubborn Heart singer Luca Santucci. Luca has a killer soulful voice and is the singer on one of my favourite UK house records, Herbet’s “You Saw It All”.

Anyway, thats not why we are here. We are here to celebrate the sweat and sawdust of the Northern Soul scene. A scene that has managed to keep going all of its own accord, out of the media spotlight, based on pure passion for music and dancing. Black Americans singing from the heart. Luca’s brother has a pretty immense Northern collection which he happily gets to raid as and when.

As he says, “This is a hugely extended version of the mix I did for Solid Steel (assisted by Darren Knox), full of tunes I nicked out of my brother’s box and mp3ed when he wasn’t looking. The couple of cleaner sounding recordings are taken off Elaine’s soundtrack as the Solid Steel mix was done to promote her film. I just kept adding to it with faves from my brother’s legendary back-to-his DJ sessions. Loads of rarities and every one a fucking mind-blowing slice of magic. It gets no better than this. I get really pissed off with people who think they know about black music and dismiss northern as music for old white blokes who can’t dance. This music is soaked in soul and feeling, made by people with no delusions of grandeur, for very little money and a whole lot of love, full of dirt and funk and inspired instrumentation, heartbreaking melodies and harmonies, beautiful songwriting and joyous vocals. I fucking love it, glad you’re enjoying it, knew you would. x”

Its a perfect introduction to the Northern scene if you don’t know much of the music but if you understand raw soulful underground house music then this all might make sense.

  • 1.  Young Mods – Who You Going To Run, Where You Going To Hide (Everblack)
  • 2.  Mystiques – Put Out The Fire (Twinight)
  • 3.  John Harris And The Soul Sayers – Hangin’ In (Kerston)
  • 4.  The Summits – It Takes Two (DC International)
  • 5.  Monique – Never Let Me Go (Maurci)
  • 6.  Sag War Fare – Don’t Be So Jive (Libra)
  • 7.  Eugene Gaspard – Holding On (Rosemont)
  • 8.  The Sacred Four – Somebody Watching You (Champ)
  • 9.  Love, Warmth & Affection – Talking About Love (Week-End)
  • 10. Wee – Try Me (Owl)
  • 11. Valerie & Nick – I’ll Find You (Glover)
  • 12. Eddie Parker – I Need A True Love (Triple B)
  • 13. Carl Carlton – I Can Feel It (Backbeat)
  • 14. Windy City – We Party Heavy Up In Heah (Innovation II)
  • 15. The Superbs – Wind In My Sails (Dore)
  • 16. Al Williams – Try Them (Grapevine)
  • 17. The Sherrell Brothers – The Price (Currison)
  • 18. Danny Hunt – What’s Happening To Our Love Affair (Dynamite)
  • 19. Eleanore Mills – Same Routine (Astroscope)
  • 20. The Festivals – You’ve Got The Makings Of A Lover (Smash)
  • 21. Universal Minds – Chance At Love (Charles)
  • 22. Billy Byrd – Lost In The Crowd (Scream)
  • 23. Bobby Jones – Welcome Back A Foolish Man (Kack)
  • 24. Luckey Jamal Davis – Vacate (Big City)
  • 25. The Impressions – Love Me (Curtom)
  • 26. Paul Burton (The Stinger) – So Very Hard To Make It (Without You) Pt 2 (Music-Go-Round)
  • 27. Frank Hutton – Old Man Me (Goodie Train)
  • 28. Vivian Copeland – Chaos (In My Heart) (D’Oro)
  • 29. Re-Vells – I Want A New Love (Trent Town)
  • 30. Rudy Love and The Company Soul – Suffering Wrath (Canyon)
  • 31. The Precisions – My Sense Of Direction (Hen-Mar)
  • 32. Oscar Wright – Fell In Love (Hemisphere)
  • 33. Lou Pride – I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un (Suemi)


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