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Test Pressing

David Byrne Named As Director Of London's Meltdown Festival

David Byrne, Director, Meltdown, London, Southbank, Festival

Good call The Southbank. Looking forward to seeing the line up on this one.

‘This is going to be exciting! I plan to invite performers I’ve seen – and I do get out – and others I’ve missed or have dreamed of seeing. It’s going to be a bit of fun puzzle solving I imagine – seeing who’s interested, who is available and what venues at Southbank Centre are appropriate. I really hope to find things that take this beyond sit-down concerts as well – but of course I’m speaking way too early as I’m still working on my wish list.

Hoping that I get to stay in the Room For London, on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof, for the whole time, but suspect that might be expecting too much.’ David Byrne

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