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Test Pressing

Ilija Rudman / True Colours / Is It Balearic?

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Ilija Rudman, Is It Balearic?, True Colours,

Croatian producer, Ilija Rudman, with a gatefold double long player on Is It Balearic…? Shining synths, “Breakers Revenge” beats, Bernard Wright, Herbie Hancocks “Rockit”, Maze`s “Twilight”. Colourbox Soul. Bongos and handclaps go “Zang Tuum Tumb” in the Disco. Act`s “Snobbery & Decay” with D-Train`s Hubert Eaves III on keys. Kraftwerk`s answering machine, Fashion`s slap bass. Mutant moves fucking with Janet Jackson`s ”Control”. Ian Mcshane calls out the devil in Miss Jones, tries to pin down her moxie. Jazz mixes with Roland`s machines. The Human League and Martin Rushent get hit with gothic blasts of “Cutter” / “Killing Moon” strings. 88.8*% of “True Colours” pays homage to an `80s where Electro shook up both Boogie and Pop. It was all the new thing. The remaining 0.1*% is something quite different. “Cock Porn Theme” (already a Nancy Noise favourite) sets spiritual flute in a semi-acoustic Bossa. Library Exotica that wouldn`t be out of place on Running Back`s Mondo. Ernest Ranglin surfin`. Funk Inc. having gotten your love.

Mr Rudman on Soundcloud. I think this is out next week.

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