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Test Pressing

Mallorquin / Palms & Charms

Test Pressing, Review, Palms & Charms, Sam Bruce, Barnaby Bruce, Max Essa, Coyote, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dr Rob, The Planet I Left Behind, Mallorquin

The second release on Palms & Charms, a label run out of Hong Kong and Tokyo by twins Sam & Barnaby Bruce. PAC001 focused on Barnaby, now it`s Sam`s turn.

“The Planet I Left Behind” is “24 Hours From Culture” with synths playing at brave new world harps. A slightly creepy future utopia to a Disco beat. Seemingly celestial, yet cold. Like a leak in your cryogenesis chamber, or a “Logan`s Run” secret ever present, un-mentioned, just out of sight. Sam a Major Tom lost in space, strung out on heaven`s high. For the remix, Coyote gate everything into anticipation, bongo that intro, come up on those trips. The hit eventually calmed by Kate B / “Sun Rising” piano.

“Slow Hot Confetti” rises out of a thunderstorm on a Clash b-line, brandishing Barney Sumner guitar and a jangle akin to that of older brother Max (Essa). Xylophone rain on a window. Max`s take snaps the track to Rene & Angela handclaps, swaps Simenon for classic Italo and tightens it up. Like Lola`s “Wax The Van”, or Beulah Height`s tribute, “Butterfly”. Ikimashyo, let`s go.

Palms & Charms over at Soundcloud.

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