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Test Pressing

Mix / Manu / Archeo Recordings

A lazy sunrise or sunset beach moves to loved-up Library music, and then a West African romany ballad. Gypsy passion rides a midnight express with a human engine through Vollenweider harps, Summer`s Folk and city light ambience. Javier Bergia greeting the day, greeting the world. Moonboots favourites, Fat Ronny classics, Claremont 56 rarities, and even rarer breaks. Africa, Brasil, Lexx & Cantoma. Begin`s apiculture, and Mark Barrott updating Pink Floyd`s “More”. Ray Mang making Paqua sound like the Idjuts doing over The Lighthouse Family. Our man of the moment, Jan Schulte, sampling his kitchen sink. A really nice two hours of the known and the unknown. There are shadows because there are hills.

Mix, Test Pressing,  Dr Rob, Manu, Italy, Radio Band, Tony Esposito, Miro, Archeo Recordings

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