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Test Pressing

Laura Groves / Committed Language / Deek

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Laura Groves, Nautic, Deek, Committed Language, Bullion

Vocal gymnastics and song structures, changing time signatures, one minute marimba ambience, the next dancing electronics, that will no doubt garner Kate Bush comparisons and “the new Kate Bush” accolades. But this is also post-glossolalia Liz Cocteau covering Fleetwood Mac`s “Rumours”. Adult break-up Pop. Stevie Nicks being dumped on. Dreams, games and players. What you had and what you lost. A propulsive electro, running all night in places. The ballad “Friday” is Elton John`s tiny dancer attempting to reach the Rocket Man. “Mystique”, the island romance of Rachel Sweet, Taja Sevelle and Latoya Jackson`s “Camp Kuchi Kaiai”, or the summer breeze City Pop of Minako Yoshida`s “Tornado”.

You can sort out vinyl here and you can purchase the digital here.

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