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Test Pressing

Das Komplex / Nowadays / Father And Son Records And Tapes

Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, Maciek Sienkiewicz, Very Polish Cut Outs, Das Komplex, Nowadays, Father And Son Records And Tapes, Koszalin, Poland, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Galeria Leto

Another new label, this time from Poland, run by Very Polish Cut Outs` Maciek Sienkiewicz and for the first release focused on Das Komplex from Koszalin.

The title track “Nowadays” is built around a Gospel sample (which just might be from that Boy`s Own coveted Aretha LP). “Narkoleptyczni Troche” takes frantic wah wah, timbales, and Nile Rodgers in search of the River Niger`s great curves. Both are grooves of a Nenad Markovic nature. “Siren” sounds over 13 minutes and manages to pack in as many 90s House references that my Balearic head is privy to, beginning with Ballistic Brothers “A Beautiful Space”-like Jazz, easing into early AM past midnight before dawn Blue Blackness, assisted by Maurzio on the echo chamber, and with Kenny Hawkes paying tribute to Tubby`s horns, honking. Submerging with the Two Lone Swordsmen. But the track that got me sold is “Like A Fish”. Pale Saint Shoegaze, a Peter Hook bass-line, and clothed in Robin Guthrie`s beloved delay, but resembling more than anything The Cure. To the extent that after repeated listening I can now hear Robert Smith pushing out before he sleeps, “swimming the same deep water”, every time I play it. When I mentioned this to Das Komplex he told me that “Disintegration” was the first record he ever bought.

“Nowadays” is finally out, after considerable delays, with artwork by Aleksandra Waliszewska of Galeria Leto.

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