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Test Pressing

La Casa al Mare / This Astro E.P.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, La Casa al Mare, Rome, Paolo Miceli, Marco Poloni, Alessio Pindinelli, This Astro, Sunflowers

A Bloody Valentine. A loud, melodic, seesawing, seasick, lovesick, cathartic headrush of guitar. Creation`s magpie eyes on the prize, going down with the good ship “Loveless”. Hal David & John Barry hidden behind a wall of feedback. J. Mascis` freak scene vision of Californian Beach Boy eternal sunshine Bubblegum Pop. Slowdive blue skied an` clear. Morrisey & Marr`s acoustic balladry. An unrequited ultimatum. A little of it will keep you young.

La Casa al Mare hail from Rome, the band featuring Paolo Miceli (drums), Marco Poloni (bass, vocals), & Alessio Pindinelli (guitars, vocals). You can order directly here.

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