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Test Pressing

The Kramford Look / Telepaths / Wonderful Sound

Test Pressing, Review, Pierre Duplan, The Kramford Look, Telepaths, Wonderful Sound, Miles Copeland, Superimposers

The Kramford Look`s “Telepaths” is steeped in Library Music and Soundtrack lore, down to the layout of the sleeve (which describes each track with an appropriate “mood”) and its artwork (which pays loose homage to Roland Topor`s animated “La Planete Sauvage”). David Carradine “Kung Fu” flutes and Blaxploitaition bass shoot the breeze Axelrod`s clavinet. I keep coming back to Axelrod. Holy are you. Giallo fuzz and Stark Reality pull switchblades on The BBC Radiophonic Workshop`s “Vespucci” (Thank you Moon, and thank you Tim H). Greg Foat before the Playboy bunnies. Smoking organ runs join the Moog of Claude Denjean. Jean-Jaques Perry gets stoned with Julio in down by the school yard. Broadcast pay tribute to Franco Godi. Viva La Felicita. Kazoo and bongos. Cosmic rendezvous with the sun. Soft machine Psyche and Cortex`s “Tropeau Bleu”. Gainsbourg and Vannier`s horse tethered to sighing strings. “Diving For Pearls” recalls Sakamoto`s “Rain (I Want A Divorce)” from Bertolucci`s “Last Emperor”. “Ile Maqique” finds love in Morricone`s imagined Mexico of Burgos and Almeria.

You can check out the recent Wonderfulsound Libraries broadcast with Pierre of The Kramford Look here, and you can order “Telepaths” directly here.

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