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Test Pressing

397 / Justin Strauss / Mudd Club mix

The Mudd Club is legend. Located at 77 White Street, Manhattan and run by Steve Maas, Diego Cortez, and Anya Phillips, in its heyday of 1978 to 1981 (closing its doors in 1983), The Mudd Club provided an antidote to the high-end glitz elitism of Studio 54 and a place to party for a community of aspiring musicians, painters, actors, dancers, performance artists and runaways seeking a way and means to fame, drawn to New York`s flame, and sheltered in Downtown`s cheap, decaying lofts. A party with the aesthetics of The Ramones in drag jiving to James Brown whilst reciting beat poetry in a venue decorated in a street take on Warhol.

Justin Strauss:

“I went from playing records for my friends in my bedroom, to DJing at the Mudd Club. I never really thought about being a DJ in a club, it just happened. I didn’t know about beat matching, the turntables at the Mudd Club did not have pitch controls. It was just about playing records from different genres that I liked and thought made sense together in my head. I always tried to keep that attitude about DJing till this day.”

So you get the The Slits, Gary Numan, Marie Et Les Garcons, Sly Stone`s younger sister, Fingerprintz, Ze Records` mutant Disco, Talking Heads in Eno`s psychedelic Africa, Go-Go, and Public Image Ltd. Punk with its dancing shoes on. At face value the only thing that these records appear to have in common is that they were new, yet when jammed together in sequence it`s clear that the other attribute they share is energy.

Justin will be in Europe for the next month of so, with gigs in England, France, Germany and Switzerland (Tigersushi Paris Jun 24; Le Bateau Festival June 26-27; London with Bicep July 11; Munich`s Charlie July 4; Zurich`s Zukunft July 10).

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