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Test Pressing

Galleria / Environ

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Galleria, Environ, Morgan Geist, Jessy Lanza, Calling Card, Mezzanine

On “Calling Card” Morgan Geist & Jessy Lanza have Madonna back dating Jellybean Benitez, shaking her navel at the Funhouse, popping, locking, shocking with Tommy Boys, Hispanic gangs, Latin Rascals and The New York City Breakers, while Arthur Baker and John Robie play “Confusion” off a reel-to-reel. A Pac Man bass line, strings like the blast of spent rocket fuel casings junked to gravity, the crack of a dominatrix`s whip, The Information Society running, a Rocker`s Revenge, it`s the Electro that begat Freestyle that begat House.

“Mezzanine” mixes the Streetwise Boston of Baker, Starr and Jonzun`s New Edition with Jam & Lewis` Minneapolis TR-808 Flyte Tyme Funk. Has a rhythm nation marching.

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