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Test Pressing

Nev Cottee / Strange News From The Sun / Wonderful Sound

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Nev Cottee, Wonderful Sound, Aficionado, Miles Copeland, Strange News From The Sun

A Morricone drama of high noon bells, desperadoes and gunslingers. Strings from “Soul`s Island”. Songs for “Little Miss Sunshine”. Pedal steel on a still velvet morning. Lee Hazlewood on a space walk. Vannier & Gainsbourg conducting a philharmonic on an LSD peak. The Beatles psychedelic tunings. Robbie Basho`s picking, moving up aways. English Roses and seven woods. A country ballad that references Neil Young. Electric arcs thrown out to the one I love. Simple, uncomplicated, writing, the way it should be. Nine tracks from a wit that conveys heartbreak with hindsight, with humour and good will.

Nev Cottee`s “Strange News From The Sun” was released on June 1st. You can order directly here.

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