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Test Pressing

Prinzhorn Dance School / Home Economics / DFA

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Prinzhorn Dance School, DFA, Home Economics,

Guitars twang with the Funk stomp of Agent Provocateur covering ESG`s “You`re No Good” and the recidivist, reductionist Rockabilly of The Fall. “Battlefield” could be Warpaint (not Pat Benatar). Angular and sparse, tight, taut and muscular. An angry calm. Minimal Math-Rock subtracted. The English accents distance the music from predecessors like The Rapture and Radio 4, giving it somehow a more “Art” edge, that of the British Post-Punk Pop experimentation of Wire or This Heat`s Gareth Williams`s Flaming Tunes.

In “Let Me Go” the Prinzhorn`s hit upon a simple, perfect, wounded “Rough Trade” love song. A gem, a secret-to-be like The Gist`s “Love At First Sight”.

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