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Test Pressing

The Breeze presents Cocktails By The Pool

breeze cocktails by the pool resize

Four edits, stretched and with the ugly bits removed. Opening with what could be a cheeky Italian remake of Art Of Noise`s “Moments In Love” a la The Mad DJs Band doing The Cure`s “Lullaby”. My money`s on it being a rap that got the chop. There`s a more obviously looped Stan Getz ”Street Tattoo” sax refrain, and a teasing Linda Di Franco Bossa full of gentle toque, picado passages and Phrygian scales. The closer persuasively Barry White growls “erection section” and slips between The Isley`s sheets. All bump around 90 BPM, anchored by a member of the Yamaha RX drum machine family (an 11 like the one that Mike Francis used to use?). All make all the right noises over a bolstered Balearic beat.

With artwork by our mate Jiro, I think there are only 250 copies of this. I got mine from The Growing Bin.

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