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Test Pressing

Yoshinori Hayashi / The End Of Edge / Going Good

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Brian Morrison, Brian Not Brian, Going Good, Yoshinori Hayashi, End Of Edge

Beats as deep (20, 000 leagues) as Bob James` “Nautilus” mix with field recordings before the Acid kicks in and beatnik bongos and poetry jones along to Angus MacLise`s alternative calendar, while tripped out drum machines stumble as they try to adjust. “Madam Moo” is a Jazz that comes from House, an Ambient that comes from Abdullah Ibrahim and Miles. Seagulls soar and circle, fishing boats ready amidst morning chant with a thoughtful eye on the distance. Gregorian spacemen commune at dusk, dissolve in delay, their landscape completed by upright bass and cinematic strings. Detroit escalators run and a Shadow-esque battery shuffles out of and away from the light. Rhythm falls over itself. Piano, vibes and horn do the same. Sun Ra`s “Twin Stars Of Thence” are viewed through kaleidoscope mirrors that forge a new symmetry, patterns, from fragments of Kid Koala`s Bullfrog chorus, Skylab`s seashells and Kerouac via U.F.O., Ken Nordine, colour, and a continuing lineage of state-of-the-art sample-delia.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Going Good, Yoshinori Hayashi, Moo, Brian Morrison, Brian Not Brian, The End Of Edge

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