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Test Pressing

Karamika / ESP Institute

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Lovefingers, ESP Institute, Black Merlin, Musiccargo, World Unknown, Emotional Response, Karamika, George Thompson, Gordon Pohl

A phasing of sound like aircraft taking off. A heavy, undulating Kosmische pulse. Tesla coils accumulate charge in a dark, Electro Gothic. Percussion rattles as Rhythm Devils travel up river on rendezvous with a troubled but true heart, the night lit by modular flares. Electric wildlife chatters, cries, calls and drones in a synthesized humidity. A field recording of automation, of nano-tech, of the 21st Century`s evolving flora and fauna. New lifeforms rising from primordial circuits. They sing of warnings and searches for mates or prey. A Zero Set racing. Rubber-headed Ultradeterminanten. A beatbox jiving. Frankie cruises in Hollywood, relaxed but still horny. J.J. Jeczalik drinks apricot brandy with Gunter Schickert. Cos / Mes spar with Patrick Vian. Children`s laughter rains in echo while a tribal drum strikes the steady thump of a metropolis` neon pump. A city stretched out like a no man`s land at dawn, and the calm of surviving a storm, reaching shore after shipwreck.

“Karamika” is a collaboration between George Thompson AKA Black Merlin and Gordon Pohl of Musiccargo and armed with this knowledge you can hear both of them in there. Working with George, who invokes his obsidian Zang Tumb Tuum-influenced magick (check any of his outstanding productions from his own “22.05” to his remixes for Baptise & Pierre Colleu or Scientific Dreamz Of U), the organic, green, meditation of Pohl`s last record “Harmonie” has become a clanking, metallic, Industrial pastoral for a Techno Age. Horns in requiem for Testuo machine fetishists. Humanity reduced to Tour De France hyperventilation on a run with the hunted through systems of control and surveillance. Claustrophobic, paranoid, a mind near the end of its tether marching through dystopia`s fires burning towards an unknown.

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