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Test Pressing

Mark Barrott / Sketches From An Island 3 / International Feel

Test Pressing, Mark Barrott,  Dr Rob, Sketches From An Island 3, International Feel, Right 4 Me,, Ghostly International, Fan Club

“Right 4 Me” sunshine struts like a “Baby Come Home” part 2, with the jazz-inflected guitars and groove of William DeVaughn and Gabor Szabo, smilin` while “Diggin’ the scene, with a gangsta lean”, and the flute of Broselmaschine`s Kosmische hippy Folk. “The Mysterious Island Of Dr Nimm” swaps that flute for a Japanese shakuhachi. Birds squawk between the beat of clanking ethno percussion, synths tune to “Pan Pipe”, and Italian House chords turn it into something that Hell Yeah! might edit.“Cirrus & Cumulus” reprises “Saviours Or Savages?” gentle kalimba, while its melody has Gary Numan`s electric friends, somewhat in shock, shedding their snow white tans on an island paradise. The closer “Der Stern, Der Nie Vergeht” is more Kosmische, and extremely well done. Cluster, Roedelius, with the slide from KLF`s “Chill-Out”, and the Gaelic winds painting green fields of Bob James` “Women Of Ireland” and Mark Isham`s “Mrs Soffel”.

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