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Test Pressing

Mushrooms Project / African Obsession / Uber

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Mushrooms Project, Italy, Dr Rob, Is It Balearic?, Uber, African Obsession

The two shorter (? both “The Big Boobs” & “Madrugada” clock in at around 7 minutes each) tracks really serve to set the scene. There`s always been a “tribal element” to the “`Shrooms” music but the sampled chants now push this to the fore. Their closest companions musically are still fellow Italians Almunia, and this is still really a modern Prog Rock, a high Hi-Fi, headphone stoner “Dark Side Of The Moon” deep listen. If it’s a Dance music then it`s the Balearic-on-too-many-pills of The Sabres Of Paradise, Guerrilla Records, Orbit, Underworld, gurning and flu-boats. “Butlering” and “Lunar Musique”. The 16 minute epic “Obsession” passes you a chillum packed with Himachal Pradesh charas and once intoxicated has you straying too far from the edges of a Goan full moon party, stumbling in on a shamanistic rite. Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right. Not unless you`re going all the way.

*Anyone with a real interest in shamen and their practices needs to check out Sub Rosa`s re-issue of David Toop`s “Lost Shadows” (tweeked from an original 1980 release on Quartz Publications). The record is accompanied by a 40-page booklet containing extracts from Toop`s 1978 journal, describing his journey up the Ocamo River in Venezula and his stay with the people of the Yanomami. His writing is as always brilliant, defiantly academic but never dry or boring, mixing imagery from Joseph Conrad`s “Heart Of Darkness” and Drummond & Manning`s Rock & Roll re-write “Bad Wisdom”.

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