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Test Pressing

Noel Watson / Post-Delirium! Mix

Gibbons mixes Russell. With love. History gets trapped in the groove. Poltergeists flying about. Spirits and stories illuminate night. Sounds like New York to me. Seguing back and forth between smooth contemplation, bass and flute, and electronic storms, wildlife and funky organ grinders, tribal chants and handclaps for thunder. Echoes of the Paradise Garage washed with ambience.

DELIRIUM! moved from Hip Hop battles through to a moment when good music was just good music, there were no sub-genres, just House. House music rooted in R&B, block parties and Jazz. Tough beats. Strong vocals. A Black music of Nuyorican Latino barrios, Murk`s Deep South and Detroit roller discos. A unified celebration of sexual release. A dance of an underground then, and now.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Interview, Noel Watson, Delirium!, House, London, UK, Heaven, Astoria, Camden Palace

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