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Test Pressing

Secret Island / 21st - 23rd August

Secret Island, Festival, 2015 This one looks pretty great. A festival with friends an hour from London. As they say… “We will provide a suitably dynamic and shambolic soundtrack, from a suitably dynamic and shambolic bunch of musical maestros. This will all be coupled with our Love Machine Sound System and some lovely D&B Audiotechnik to create some sonic spectral magic. Nurse Wendy and Doc Fruit will again be pranking around and providing us with a plethora of delectable foodie delights, from their wagon, with a makeshift bar with local beers, cider and cocktails. As usual food is a communal affair and incorporated within the ticket price. Sprirt Bear Mezcals will also be providing illumination and guidance throughout. Tickets are £70 each, plus £30 towards food tokens, i.e. £100 total.” The line up is pretty tidy…

  • Andrew Allday
  • Andy Taylor (We Are The Sunset)
  • Balearic Mike & Jan Hammered (Night Music)
  • Craig & Joe (Joe’s Bakery)
  • Danny Webb (Be With Records)
  • Jayne Winstanley
  • Katie Barber
  • Kelvin Andrews (Wonk, Down to the Sea & Back)
  • Matthew Burgess (Lowlife)
  • Matthew Timms
  • Nick the Record (Tangent, Lifeforce)
  • Michael Cook (Lowlife)
  • Scarlet Fantastic
  • Soft Rocks (Andy & Bobby)
  • Darren Morgan

Find out more here on Facebook or on the Love Machine website.

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