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Test Pressing

Stollwerck Sampler / Emotional Rescue

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Stuart Leath, Basso, Growing Bin, Emotional Rescue, Dominik Von Senger, Stollwerck Sampler, Cologne, Phantom Band, Dunkelziffer

The muscular Funk of Laswell`s working man meets Miles`s Dark Magus on the corner. Rheingold`s fuzz Pop goes din daa daa (Ba Ba Ba) with George Kranz. Treated hand drums and Eastern hooks stir the Suns Of Arqa into African Headcharge`s “Some Bizarre”. Holger`s Innerspace invaded by Wobble. Stoned Punk Rock. Improvised percussive ambience. Timbales and Sci-Fi sound effects.

To the best of my knowledge it was Basso at the Growing Bin who “re-discovered” the “Stollwerck Sampler”. It was Stu over at Emotional Rescue (responsible for this re-issue) that sent me Basso`s way. The music is the product of the Cologne of the mid-80s and a collective of players linked by guitarist Dominik Von Senger, friends of his from the post-Can fallout of Phantom Band and Dunkelziffer. Von Senger had been a member of both ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki`s band and Phantom Band which included former Can-ers Jaki Leibzeit and Roscoe Gee. When Phantom Band dematerialized Von Senger formed Dunkelziffer (already the subject of a 3×12” retrospective on Emotional Rescue). He contributes to and / or produces on all of the tracks here. His solo LP (thank you Moonboots) from 1983 was edited by Hey!Convict for Golf Channel and sampled by Soft Rocks for Endless Flight. His place in the “Balearic Hall Of Fame” secured by adding his licks to The Unknown Cases “Ma Simba Bele” von Senger recently collaborated with Danilo Plessow (MCDE) and Marcus Worgull on their “Vermont” release and his jams with Montezumas Rache are awaited with high anticipation. I have his email (thank you Jan). An interview is long overdue.

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