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Test Pressing

Higamos Hogamos / Fuzzy Majesty / Invisible Inc.

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Higamos Hogamos, Fuzzy Majesty, Invisible Inc.

Laswell, Leimer, Eno & Byrne`s Avant Funk. Dominick Von Senger`s “Stollwerck” . Can`s “Dizzy Dizzy”. Gottsching`s 12 bar blues. The modern klarting Kosmische of Kreidler. Motorik-driven, Klaus & Thomas Dinger double drum attack inspired. Masserati`s psychedelia, the Emperor`s Machine and Richard Sen`s Padded Cell. Percussion clattering, dramatic strings stabbing, macho Led Zep riffing. Shriekback doing Rockabilly in an echo chamber. Primal Scream covering Jody Reynolds. The White Stripes and a Space Rock finale.

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