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Test Pressing

Schmieds Puls / You Can Go Now / Seayou

Walter Singer, Christian Grobauer, Mira Lu Kovacs, Schmieds Puls, You Can Go Now, Seayou, Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review

Gillian Welch`s “Revelator” (will someone please put this album out on vinyl?) with a touch of Joni`s “Blue”. If life must be lived forwards and only understood backwards (Soren Kierkegaard), perhaps after almost half a decade I can dig my heels in for just a second and share the little that I have learnt recently, stealing glances past my shoulder.

Don`t get too hung up, for too long, wearing sadness and sorrow like a badge. All you`ve really got is this moment.You won`t forget the hurting, until you forget who you are, so keep it moving, flip that pin, throw your hat high and watch it dance.

You can purchase Schmied Puls` “You Can Go Now” digitally here, and discover more about the band here.

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