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Test Pressing

The Host / The Esalen Lectures / Touch Sensitive

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The Host is Barry Lynn, better known as Boxcutter, a musician producing largely for Mike Paradinas` Planet Mu and his own Kinnego label. Listed on Discogs as “IDM, Grime, Dubstep” Lynn`s previous LP as The Host reminds me of Oneohtrix Point Never`s more recent output. “The Esalen Lectures” is therefore something of a departure. It consists solely of treated guitar and field recordings.

Soaring dissonance. Cale, Conrad, MacLise, Young & Zazeela`s eternal note held within the Dream Syndicate on the day of Niagara. An Om, a meditation, that gives way to Dave Pajo / Mark McGuire fretwork. Descending and ascending scales chase each other around Gottsching`s New Age experiments. Sixteen short pieces build to a greater whole, serving as prologues and epilogues, intros and outros, peaks and calm. With the patience and poise of Stars Of The Lid, love lights wink, blink, bat their lashes. “Primate Change” runs backwards, devolves. Iasos` glissando worships the sun, Louis & Bebe Barron visit a forbidden planet. An E-bow Blues wails as sleep`s images burn to the overexposed, the grainy, the low budget Psychedelic of an Art House Sci-Fi / Horror, troubled and edging on nightmare. “The Esalen Lectures” is a sonic drug trawling a subconscious Marianas Trench deep. A thirty-odd minute break from Yr reality. An aural head cleaner. Carlos Devadip Santana tuning up with Alice Coltrane. An Ash Ra oasis set within Hillage`s paradise.

“The Esalen Lectures” is due in shops on August 14th but you can order directly from Touch Sensitive here.

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