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Test Pressing

55 Cancri E / Belsebubs Tårar / Music For Dreams

Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, 55 Cancri E, Belsebubs Tårar, Music For Dreams, Kenneth Bager, Denmark, Sweden, Malmo, Sara Hausenkamp, Naftik

It begins with country picking, microtonals and cries, and a voice also like tight strings. The human element is stretched into aquatic operatics, almost theremin in pitch. The microtonals become fireworks. Each piece expanding on a singular theme, as if drawn down further beneath the waves. The fireworks perhaps rescue flares. Organ chords descend in spirals. Steffen Basho Junghans` smiling penguins get trapped on the ice. David Pajo dances in waltz time. From the sea to the stars. 55 Cancri E is a planet outside our solar system, thought to hold a core of diamond.

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