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Test Pressing

Gryningen / Aficionado

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Gryningen, Sweden, Aficionado, Manchester, Moonboots, Jason Boardman,

The first three tracks here represent a meditative Cosmic Rock, like the privately pressed Prog that Daniele used to play. On “Tva Kvarter Fran Vintergatan” the beat might plod but the synths rise to just short of soar. “Jag Flyter Omkring I En Ask” has keys jazzier in feel and closer to the clouds, measuring time with an electric scale that runs backwards and forwards. The rhythmic of flow of water. “Siloa Dagar I Rymdiaboratoriet” signals nightfall and sleep. A slow, chiming lullaby for resting lids. Quiet arcs of city noise moving in the safety of outside. “Fran Andra Hand Till Stranderna I Nice” is the outlier. A gentle “Blue On Blue” chanson of guitar twang, string serenade, that could have been lifted from the playlist of Chris Sullivan & Graham Smith`s “A Night At St. Mortiz”

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