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Test Pressing

Thool / Deek

DEEK009 Thool copy

“Tepeu” shimmys like Alphaville made to write Propaganda for Zang Tumb Tuum, with Mr. Horn re-doing “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” for a finale. “The Dome” pits a Pop ambience of Deep Forests and “Orinoco Flows” against an early UK House machine b-line (Jack N Chill, Jim & Gene), one that dreams of being slapped, and a Bang The Party vibe (”Jacques Theme”, “Release Your Body”). “Body Scan” squashes that low-end into sub-bass flatulence and has a go on the bells of Obalski`s modern Exotica.

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Thool, Deek, Bullion, Nautic, Laura Groves

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