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Test Pressing

Tom Furse / Child Of A Shooting Star / Lo Recordings

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, The Horrors, Tom Cowan, Tom Furse, Child Of A Shooting Star, Lo RecordingsFour short tracks from The Horrors` record collecting, synth / bass player, Tom Cowan, all of which wash against various Balearic shores. “Trans-Universal Express” chugs on the updated, re-jointed Nassau Funk of Bullion`s “Chant” and Peaking Lights stoking Sinkane`s engine. “Ocean Is The Teacher” is the Seahawks in miniature, David Crosby not remembering his name. “Let Your Body Go” plays sampled dialogue over tumbling percussion and metallic rattling in the disturbed ambience of a “Night Of The Hunter” dream sequence. Tom Waits pulling on trouble`s braids. The New Age banjos and pedal steel of “Cloud Mountain” could double for one of the treasures excavated on Psychemagik`s “Magik Sunset”.

Lo Recordings are over here.

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