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Test Pressing

Africaine 808 / Rhythm Is All You Can Dance / Golf Channel

africaine 808 rhythm is all artwork copy

It starts out like a Francis Bebey tune, a gentle percolating polyrhythm. Those “Africaines” sharing Francis` playfulness, mixing trad with rad, history with now, tribal chants with farting bass. That bass starts to sing and the 808 comes in. U.F.O.s attempt take off, the track finding its groove as their noise subsides. Wolf Muller stops and starts that groove, throws in an additional break. Three minds so aligned (Jan, Nomad, & Dirk) that it`s difficult to tell their work apart. “Revanche” chops up Cabo Verde island guitar and jungle chorus into machine highlife. Hungry Ghost, Auntie Flo & Esa jamming whizzing and whirring buttons into Tsonga Jit & Juke.

I think is is out now.

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