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Test Pressing

Autarkic / Hello To Mrs. Blank / Golf Channel

Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, Nadav Spiegel, 84% Creativity, Tel Aviv, Red Axes, I`m A Cliché, Autarkic, Hello To Mrs. Blank, Golf Channel, Ghosts

Autarkic is Tel Aviv based performer, Nadav Spiegel, introduced to Golf Channel via the city`s 84% Creativity collective and Throne Of Blood`s James Friedmann. “Hello To Mrs. Blank” combines Red Axes` metronomic pulse, analogue squiggles and burps, with gamelan bowl shimmer, Cold Wave drone, chunks of Depeche Mode percussion, acoustic loops of bongos, trumpet and cyclical lyrical repetition. The standout on the E.P. is “Ghosts” which in its recorded form draws on the future-retro Electro Proto-Punk of Vega & Rev`s Suicide, the Silver Apples, and Marie Et Les Garcons` similarly backwards glancing, forward jiving, Rock `n` Roll.

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