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Test Pressing

Inoue Shirabe / Antinote

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Inoue Shirabe, Japan, Antinote, France

A second release from Japan`s Inoue Shirabe on France`s Antinote. “Camping In Your Soul” takes a bang on the bong of the scary super-stoned paranoid claustrophobic Post-House of Jahhilyya Fields. A persuasive bass line providing the spine for otherworldly tones, chimes, guitar arcs and whistles. A sound like a second generation photocopy of Sheffield`s bleep and Belgium`s New Beat second generation photocopy of Detroit Techno`s innovators` blueprint. Early Warp as if viewed, hazed, from behind glass. As if unearthed on a long lost tape by L.I.E.S.. Aged, engine still running but its horsepower roar softened by history. “Down Into The Black Church” could be a similarly rediscovered coke binge, studio lock-in, Dub of Janet Jackson or Bobby Brown. Hallucinogenic New Jack Swing with a monstrous writhing sea snake of a b-line.

You can purchase Inoue Shirabe`s Antinote 22 digitally here and physically here.

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