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Test Pressing

Mix / Len Leise / Afro Trance

Ok so we are about to hit a run of mixes again at Test Pressing. Dr Rob sent me an amazing ambient one that I need to get him to post but first up we have a new one from shining star Len Leise. His new album on International Feel “Lingua Franca” (review here by our Rob) hits the shops tomorrow and its a beauty. I run the label alongside Mark Barrott and we have a lot of fun with Len. He makes amazing music very very naturally. Which is apt as his music both for us and Aficionado, as well as his edit 12, are all very organic. They have a truly natural sound. This album to be honest required hardly any help other than encouragement to finish it. So as we are about to hit our run of mixes again we asked Len to do us one. And here it is. It’s suitably oddball. x.

Len Leise, DJ, Mix, Afro Trance, International Feel,  Lingua Franca

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