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Test Pressing

Studio Paradiso Vs Spending Too Much Time Doing Yoga

Studio Paradiso, Review, Test Pressing, Michael David

So the don that is Cooper Saver out of LA sent me a record a few weeks back and this record has become kind of an emblem for things as I should do as they are flipping brilliant as opposed to just wanting to lie on my back and stretch out enjoying my new found love of yoga (as well as visiting the local Iyengar centre). So by way of explanation as to why the good Dr Rob has done everything for flipping ages I have been getting healthy. Good excuse huh? Anyway this record that Cooper send me is flipping great. One of those little treasures that you know you’ll return to time and time again and people will be like “whats that one???”. Michael David is the artist and there is one slow mo electronic beauty that just rides along perfectly with the flip being a score written to go alongside a porno that David Cronenburg made for an insert in Videodrome. I learnt this from the very pretty sticker that is attached to the record. I can’t recommend this one enough so here’s the clips below and I would suggest heading to Pacific Beach Vinyl as they are the one place I know that still has a few.

Thanks to Cooper. Sorry it took me a minute.

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