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Dr Rob / October 2015 Round-Up

The original plan was that Apiento and me, we`d put together something special to mark the site`s 400th mix, but we both had things on (Apiento had the Deewee launch and “Untold Eivissa” in Paris, while I had my kids playing “pass the cold”) and I was sitting on Justin`s which didn`t seem fair. I did eventually manage to sort out two new ones, which may see the light of day, but from this failure on our part came the idea of a “monthly round-up”; the two of us compiling 30-60 minutes of music that has excited us over the previous month. The hope was that this would help address two issues:

1 / We get sent an enormous amount of great music, so much that we can`t always cover everything for review (though we do try)(Thank you!).

2 / When I came to attempt Test Pressing`s 400th mix, because I hadn`t done one for ages (since International Feel asked me) I didn`t really know where to start. I am obviously still buying and hoarding records for DJ sets and mixes, but the hiatus has been so long that vinyl is everywhere, stacked up in piles that I have mentally labeled in kaleidoscopic sub-genres: “soft soulful bongos”, “weird Pop ambient”, Italian not Italian House”, “Leo would have played it”, “Nancy would have played it”…. I kid you not. So many that the “record room” has taken over the bedroom and that when I go upstairs I am almost tipped into a psychotic episode, since my eyes and brain dart from one to the next, automatically, obsessively cataloguing, racing though that list, and despairing at the mess.

Anyway, the idea was to reduce the choice / chance of a nervous breakdown and in future clear the decks once a month and work within that limited palette. That said so much wonderful stuff got released through late September and during October that I still ended up with three piles and three subsequent mixes. The one I`m posting here is “Ambient” and includes selections from Dimitris Petsetakis (Into The Light), Recondite (Acid Test), Steve Hauschildt (Kranky), 55 Cancri E & Cantoma (both Music For Dreams), Gigi Masin (Music From Memory), Max Richter (Deutsche Grammophon), Len Leise (International Feel), and Derek Gripper (Matsuli). The other two, which I`ve put up on Mixcloud, are “Electronic” and “Balearic”. Loose and vague nomenclature I know. The “Electronic” one was inspired by that night back at Apiento`s when “Panic In Detroit” got pulled out, and features sides from DJ Sotofett (Honest Jon`s), San Laurentino (Aficionado), Fatima Yahama (Dekmantel), Black Spuma (International Feel), Syracuse (Antinote), and Mieux (Jazz & Milk). The “Balearic” one, bearing in mind that my definition of the term still resides in Leo & Alfredo`s `85-`89 Amnesia box, is made up of new music that if it had been made thirty years ago might fall within that definition (i.e. “Leo might have played it”), such as Sasac (Alliance Upholstery), A Vision Of Panorama (Mellophonia), Dream Lovers (Uber), Voilaaa (Favorite), Collocutor (On The Corner) and Soundspecies (Beauty & The Beat).

Apiento`s selection should follow in a minute. He`s got Anders over this weekend.

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