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Test Pressing

LeRoy / Skläsh / Schamoni Musik

Dr Rob, Test Pressing, LeRoy, Skläsh, Schamoni Musik, Leo Hopfinger, Das Hobos, Munich, Germany

If Leo Hopfinger`s previous project, Das Hobos, was “Machine Americana”, a bit like Double on an iron horse ticket traveling Wild West, then the opener on “Skläsh”, “Like A Disease”, relocates itself to Germany, Hopfinger`s hometown of Munich, via the music of Cologne and Dusseldorf. Thirteen minutes of automaton Motorik; guitar picking, echoed dialogue, taut bongo skins and ringing feedback auditory hallucinations over a Mo Tucker thud that runs alongside Fuxa and Die Verboten. If Thomas & Harvey`s Map Of Africa did Can. Here comes a Head.

“Blue Sea” puts an acoustic strum against sewing machine chatter, a fucked clock ticking, and a sped up Folk wail. A Starsailor on helium. “The Beach” has that clock unwound and toooooocking to a drunk Hawaiian twang. “Ktulus Return” is bass bumping handclapping synth Pop Disco that somehow owes something to Moondog. “Skai” takes the guitars from Canyons` “When I See You Again” and fuses them to a rumbling bass line, bell chorus, and robotic brass, with the results like a more linear Bullion. “Untitled Long Time” loops a snatch of vibes and Sam Cooke U.F.O.-like into a kind of Jazz set to a clapping 4 / 4. The closer “Niemals Erwachsen Werden” returns to Das Hobos` dustbowl with jangly bottleneck megaphoned psychedelia, a collision of Beck`s first hit and Nick Nicely.

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