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Test Pressing

Napoleon Cherry / Walk Alone / Music From Memory

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Napoleon Cherry, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, Red Light Records, Music From Memory, Peoples Potential Unlimited

On a cursory quick listen Philadelphia`s Napoleon Cherry could be Estonia`s Uku Kuut in disguise. Both artists have had their archives rescued from the dusty mid to late `80s, both have releases on Lo-Fi, private press, bedroom Boogie champion People`s Potential Unlimited, and the music of both could be broadly catorgerised as “One Man & His Machines Makes Rhythm & Blues”. However, with the addition of vocals “When You Had The Chance” enters the shadows of the voyeur / stalker obsessive ballads compiled so brilliantly on Chocolate Industries` “Personal Space”, and “Stay With Me” is a striped-down, smoky, Sly Stone Deep Soul treasure. True curveballs though are thrown by “Rejuvenation”, Afro House that exchanges international smoke signals with London`s Warrior Dance collective and Brooklyn`s Push / Pull, and the Antenna-like Electro Pop Samba of “Know I`m Not The One”.

Napoleon Cherry`s “Walk Alone” is out now on Music From Memory.

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