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Test Pressing

Tokyo Black Star / Edo Express E.P. / World Famous


A new 12 on Alex From Tokyo`s NYC-based World Famous. “Subtonic”, “Meltdown” and “Ukiyo” are three hits of Acid of varying intensity that delineate the trajectory of a trip. From warm rushes to peaking to lost. From “Acid Over” to “Video Clashes” to Jack Frost`s Circle Jerks. From Deee-lite to Hardfloor hijacked by Strictly Rhythm`s swing. “Mitokomon” goes “Balearic” with an Electro-lite beat (not unlike Apiento`s ”E.S.P.”), gradually gaining percussive accompaniment until it becomes a skank located somewhere between JA and Yemen. A flash of Dub lightning starts an oriental-timbred take on a Morricone spaghetti western theme with fuzz guitar and funky organ in place of whistles and whip cracks.


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