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Test Pressing

Mix / Dr Rob / November 2015 Round Up

Beginning with a teaser from CFCF`s sublime forthcoming Seigen Ono-influenced “On Vacation” set for International Feel. We all gotta wait, but it`s gonna be worth it. We`re also still waiting for the vinyl of Jacob Gurevitsch`s “Lovers In Paris”, but Music For Dreams slipped out a bonus in the form of “Obsessed”. Quality music of a darker hue surfaced from Denial.Of.Service and Tropic Of Cancer, both a reminder that “Balearic” encompasses The Cure`s “All Cat`s Are Grey” and Chris & Cosey`s “October Love Song”. For timeless, strangeness, Pilooski`s spoken word-based painting of Dominique Willem Berretty`s Villa Isola won hands down. On the re-issue front Gilles` essential Sun Ra selection and Africa Seven`s overview of Tala AM`s Funk took November`s prize. If I had to pick an edit it would Miajica`s tribute to Pino Danielle on Fleeting Wax`s debut.

Golf Channel`s “Mangiami” compilation contained eight strong tracks for the modern dance floor (the files were nice but the black plastic is so much better; great pressing) the standout from which was the Electro Soul of Dedication`s “Let Me Rock You”. Alex From Tokyo & Bing Ji Ling`s “Don`t Move” came a close second, and Alex`s Tokyo Black Star launched their World Famous label with a nice update of the “Egyptian Reggae” theme, mechanizing it and adding a little Morricone. Another essential compilation collected the remix work of Young Marco, providing a smart overview of his “sound”. Larry Heard remixed Kai Alce`s “Take A Chance” (released in July but I only just managed to score a copy) and made me wonder if I would always have to buy everything Mr. Fingers touches.


CFCF / Lighthouse On Chatham Sound / International Feel

CFCF / A Various Language (From The Same Hill) / Driftless

Pilooski / Sakura No Mori No Makai No Shita / Dirty

Jacob Gurevitsch / Obsessed / Music For Dreams

Tropic Of Cancer / Stop Suffering / Blackest Ever Black

Denial.Of.Service / Sensou / Film

Material / South Of There / Balearic Blah Blah

Dedication / Let Me Rock You / Golf Channel

Tokyo Black Star / Mitokomon / World Famous

Vangelis Katsoulis / Enigma (Young Marco Mix) / Safe Trip

Kai Alce / Take A Chance (Larry Heard`s Ambient Inst.) / NDATL

Miajica / RIP Dino / Fleeting Wax

Tala AM / Mwouop / Africa Seven

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Mix, November 2015, Round Up

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