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BAR / L.A. Düsseldorf / Italic

BAR, L.A., Düsseldorf, Italic, Dr Rob, Test Pressing, Review, Orson Sieverding, Wolf Muller, Jan Schulte, Diva Dompe, Pharaohs

BAR are based in Düsseldorf but their debut long player was a result of the couple`s trip to L.A. Music recorded upon their return to Germany but inspired by memories of Californian sunshine, palm trees, coastlines and FM Radio. This new E.P. of remixes extends the complicity of the two cities in BAR`s sound by selecting co-conspirators from each location.

Jan Schulte, as Wolf Muller, steps up for Düsseldorf and delivers an Afro-Cosmic (both Loda & Baldelli would approve I think) mix of “Bar Theme” that combines Craig Leon`s alien tribal dance with Japan`s “Canton”. Orson Sieverding, of Düsseldorf`s Version Records, drops “Dexy`s Alrobe” into whistling dubwise.

L.A.`s spars consist of Pharaohs, who fill “Anjali Reverse” with acoustic counterpoint (Spanish edges) and modal sax, and Diva Dompé, who creates a classic Café Del Mar sunset cocktail (chocolate milk & brandy?) from the “Double homage” of “Adios”, reducing the track to a whispered float on warm organ swells, beat-less save a gentle patter of bongos and the tap of tambourines.

BAR`s “L.A.Düsseldorf” will be released by Italic this Friday, and you can order directly here.

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