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Test Pressing

December 2015 Round Up

Actual physical releases might have been thin on the ground, as is only to be expected, in this holiday season, but we`ll share a few of the Christmas presents we received…..

Italian gold unearthed by Archeo in a previously unreleased extended edit; a mysterious 12 called “Paus” that was a tip from Golf Channel`s Phil South; Hugh Mane`s (perhaps unfortunately titled) romantic encounter remembered forthcoming on Running Back; a highly sought after Japanese Art Pop gem (one of the instances where that old “only on laserdisc” joke actually applies), all `80s economic bubble Comme De Garcon styling and Issey Miyake pleats which should be in your shops this month on Music From Memory; a sublime taster from the new Bullion LP that sounds like a love song to me; moody `80s referencing electronic Funk done properly, with skronk like a muezzin`s call, by Greece`s Anatolian Weapons; Kaoru Inoue`s edits of 23 Skidoo & Dif Juz for Japan`s K&F; Italy`s Common Series mixing Tony Addis` Warrior`s Dance with Adrian Sherwood`s ON-U Sound (now there`s a interesting proposition) for a “Stebeni`s Theme” on (more) Acid; Rune Lindbaek`s edit of an unknown party Pop tat great with smart sing-along lyrics: “She moves like a cheetah when she throws her shoes away” (there`s a poetry in that image); Al Dobson Jr.`s remix from the imminent “On The Corner Versus.” E.P. taking Collocutor for a rumble in Mop Mop`s jungle; The Pharoahs` remix of BAR for Italic, all sunshine acoustics and modal brass.

Track-list /

Blue Gas / Shadows From Nowhere / Archeo; ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ / Paus / White; Hugh Mane / Groping In The Moonlight / Running Back; Dip In The Pool / On Retinae (West) / Music From Memory; Bullion / My Lar / Deek; Anatolian Weapons / A Strange Light From The East / Lurid; C2R2 / Everlasting FUGI / K&F; Tarantulae / Ovest2 / Common Series; Rune Lindbaek / Hacienda / Norsk Tripping; Collocutor / Agama (Al Dobson Jr. Indica Remix) / On The Corner; BAR / Anjali (Pharaohs Remix) / Italic; C2R2 / Boys Tray / K&F

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