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Test Pressing

Lunar Concept / Thirsty / Pleasure Unit

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Review, Lunar Concept, Thirsty, Pleasure Unit, Ronnie Turner, Kenny Wisdom, Keyboard Masher,

The original`s all fruity horns, tribal chants, what sounds like a harp, and chattering percussion looped in the manner of Al Dobson Jr. remixing Collocutor. Emotive strings take the track back to Rimini circa 1991, to the imagined Africa of Push / Pull, Crazy Eddie, or a less cheesy “Cry Freedom” (it would be hard to have a more cheesy “Cry Freedom”). Let`s say a sophisticated reprise, with a piano solo lifted from Classical Minimalism.

Ronnie Turner`s “Safe House” fix tightens the original`s looseness to a 4/4, now with its arms aloft and sharing a dance floor with Ron Allen`s Sound Experience or Kingdom Come. “Safe” is not a word I would use to describe Les Crocodiles` “Dread Mix”. Jungle screams and Rasta samples, Farfisa flashes and soundtrack arpeggios are all juxtaposed, only to fall away leaving a mid-section of orchestra strings and Phil France ambience, this then cut short for a rattling wood block finale.

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