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Test Pressing

Max Essa / Cascade Moon / Lexwax

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Max Essa, Cascade Moon, Lexwax, Review, Room Full Of Records, Japan, Hearts In Flood

Six strings chime above an arpeggiated bass line like a meeting of Giorgio Morroder and Michael Chapman. There are bright blasts of Max`s trademark synthesized brass, making “Cascade Moon” something of a “Panapolean Dreamer” with “Heartache”. About six minutes into its eight minutes running time the track falls into bamboo flutes, effects and reverb, recalling the modern Japanese Psyche of Kyoto`s Soft, a sound that Lexwax`s parent label, Room Full Of Records specializes in (check Mandog`s “Guitar Pop”, or Leo Mas favourite OPSB). Carnival whistles blow encouraging batucada drums, perhaps influenced by Max`s recent trip to Brazil.

On the flip “Hearts In Flood” runs its guitars backwards, mimicking sitars against tabla patterns and a YMO / Sakamoto wood block melody.

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