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Test Pressing

Tross / Coast To Coast / Invisible Inc.

Test Pressing, Review, Dr Rob, Gordon Mackinnon, Invisible Inc., Tross, Coast To Coast

“Deluxe” is rubbery Post-Punk, Post-Rock Dub. The uptempo “Rainbows” pits Ennio Morricone Spaghetti Western glissando against Manzarek keys and a howling wind of distorted Space guitar fuzz. “War of Apples” has Invisible Inc.`s now signature swampy sound, for sure twinned with the kindred spirits at Especial, like a Mock and Toof militia marching to Dr. John`s Mardi Gras harpsichord, but rather than cutting a chug at ALFOS, Gordon Mackinnon`s undertaking appears set on a Motorik mission to keep Cologne and Dusseldorf`s kosmische experimentation alive. While The Poncho Brothers previously fashioned a low-rider out of Can`s jam and transported Innerspace to Mexico, Tross` “Stars & Cones” fuses Neu!`s “Hallogallo” to a Bill Laswell “Reduction” bass line.

The “Coast To Coast E.P.” arrived some time between Christmas & New Year, depending on your location, and you can order directly here.

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