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Test Pressing

Yozo / EAD 18th Anniversary Mix

Shining ambience, strummed acoustics. Microtonal bleed and Folk picking. An air like an exhalation of steam against the sunshine of a 1oC morning, palms and fingers rubbed together for warmth. The cold bringing a stillness and calm, awakening you to landscape`s beauty. Chimes and flute mimic bird calls. Words and found sounds are sampled and played back in Laurie Anderson melody. Intimacy`s short breaths conveying the sadness of love`s transience. Nothing gold can stay. A walking double bass line accompanies artists in ariels taking a bow. AC Marias` post-Wire Balearic classic makes like a Kosmische Cocteaus. Ethereal vocal and repetitive, hypnotic guitar riff . Analog modulations race, rising and falling but always climbing. Two steps forward, one step back. A low frequency hums a resting resonance, the sonic glare from a lighthouse of sound signaling safe passage. A Tibetian bowl ritual for sunset closes day. A noir sax blows somewhere in the night. “In A Silent Way”–esque Fusion has gentle cymbals crash, circular breathing dancing. Keys like pinpoints of starlight, solo piano lyrical like a lover reclining in green, cloud watching, you watching the rhythm of their breast.Lips sweet in silence or sharing secrets, thoughts and observations. Jazz on the edge of Modern Classical. A soundtrack to tall Winter shadows.

One of Tokyo`s original Loft-Heads (there`s a photo of Mancuso in the shop hung proudly on its wall) it`s interesting to go back and trace how Yozo`s tastes and consequently his stock at EAD Records has changed over the years. We`ve been lucky enough to host his last eight anniversary mixes so you can contrast and compare here.

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, Yozo Kumitake, EAD Records, Kouenji, Tokyo, 18th Anniversary

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