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Test Pressing

Film / The Orb / Lunar Orbit

Test Pressing, Dr Rob, The Orb, Lunar Orbit, film, documentary, Alex Paterson, Thomas Fehlmann

This feature length documentary looks like an essential watch for anyone who has spent more than five minutes in the sonic arms / embrace of The Orb. Though I do wonder if Mr Weston has been interviewed, and I wouldn`t say The Orb “ripped up the rule book” since at the start LX was playing a load of records he`d nicked from Editions E.G. More “opened heads to an alternate musical history and path”. They did however evolve from a squat scene that was taking the same drugs but doing something quite deliberately different and subversive to Rave. I`ll stick with my ”the Sex Pistols in a flotation tank” sound bite.

The premiere is at the Manchester Film Festival on March 5th. You can sort out tickets here.

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